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Простите за использование языка предполагаемого противника.
На самом деле я использую язык потенциального союзника!
Подробности внизу по-русски.

Press-conference of Igor Strelkov, Donetsk 28 July 2014. Subtitled.
Unshaven, visibly tired and hot straight from the battlefield, the leader of the Donbass People's Militia firmly denied any responsibility for the attack on the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17. The blame was based on the supposedly leaked phone conversation of one of Strelkov's people - Igor Bezler confessing of shooting down the passenger plane, and Strelkov's own "tweet" about it on his page in VKontakte - Russian social media site.
Both accusations have been proven false.
The Bezler's phone call appeared on youtube soon after the crash, with already subtitles in many languages, but the actual file for it was created one day before the plane crash. The date 16 July shows clearly on Youtube data information about the clip.
Strelkov's "tweeting" is also proven fake because he doesn't have any accounts in the social networks. He stated it many times. That page was created by his "fans". They use his photo as an avatar and his name in such way that all the messages from the rebels appear as if from the man himself.
After the Malaisian Airline plane crash the western media tried hard to picture Strelkov as a "bete noire", a new Russian Osama Bin Laden, a cold- blooded terrorist who can shoot down the passenger airplane and laugh about it with the cynical remarks. But nothing can be farther from the truth! Igor Strelkov is the man of honour, clear conscience, high ideals, strong morality and courage. He writes books and poetry, he is a devoted christian, a father, a patriot - no wonder the West fears and hates him so much. His sudden fame burdens him a lot. Strelkov dislikes the attention and has to be "dragged by the rope" for meeting journalists. For millions of people he is a hero, symbol of resistance and fighting for freedom. There is a beautiful comparison picturing him as reincarnated Russian officer of the long past, forgotten and much loved image belonging to a different epoch. A character from one of the Tolsty's novels - a man of a flaming heart, pure soul, high ideals and a courage of a lion.
Being a military man Strelkov has his secrets, but In this present war he is fighting on the side of Good against Evil with the devil himself.
Some questions about the Boeing waiting to be answered:
- why was the route of the aircraft changed on the very day of the crash, so it went right above the area of a military action?
- why the US hasn't provided the satellite data showing that antiaircraft system BUK was used by rebels to shoot down the plane?
- why did the Spanish air traffic controller, working in Ukraine reported that the Boeing was being followed by the two Ukrainian military fighter jets?
- why did Kiev failed to release the transcripts from the air traffic control communications?  The report seized by Ukrainian security services immediately after the incident.
- why did the thick black column of smoke, which always appears when BUK fires and which remains in the sky for a long time, on this occasion had never materialised?
- why did the Boeing fall as one lump and in one place instead of being blown into thousands of little pieces and scattered all over the wide area - this is what happens when the powerful BUK is used?
- why did the passengers bodies have a strong smell of decay just 30 minutes after the crush, had no blood and looked like old corpses from the morgue fridge?
- why there was no food on the plane, and no chairs or seat-belts fragment were found in the wreckage?
- why some of the victims were naked and some dressed entirely in Hugo Boss outfits?
- why were all the passports found looked brand new and shiny, without a trace of dirt, smoke or fire? Some had holes in them or the corners cut as if the passports were expired?
- why did all the dead people were registered on facebook on the same day - 21 April, 2013, have no friends, no favourite pages and with just one single photo for the identity?
Some of these questions are based on rumours, some are proven but the spooky list can go on and on ...
There are too many suspicious moments and bizarre details to the catastrophe that one can't help but think of yet another 9/11, false-flag event. The aim is to call the rebels terrorists, to paint Putin as a bad guy, to start a new big war with Russia in the middle of Europe. And if nothing of this works -  to use it as a smoke screen for new military invasion of Gaza.
Igor Strelkov's mentioning of the bodies of black people fighters among the killed enemies is very significant. Some blamed him for being racist. The thing is - there are not many black people living in Ukraine and virtually none of of them serving in the army. It is simply a proof that those were foreign mercenaries.
Please watch
Этот пост предназначен для тех у кого есть англоязычные знакомые. Пожалуйста, копируйте и распространяйте.
Не смотря на ложь и замалчивание правды западными СМИ там среди нормальных людей идёт огромная волна поддержки России и возмущение действиями своих правительств. Это видно по тысячам комментариям на ютьюбе.
Картина обнадёживает. Для людей всего мира политика США уже "во где сидит". Народ перестаёт верить СМИ, идёт на интернет, слушает альтернативные источники. Но им не хватает фактов! Есть определённый вакуум информации. Его обязательно надо заполнять. Поэтому я внесла небольшую лепту, вставила английские субтитры и написала объёмное сопровождение.
На следующий же день после пресс-конференции на Западе вышла статья что Стрелков сделал расистские замечания, хвастаясь что сепаратисты убивают негров, проживающих на Украине! Это по поводу чернокожих наёмников.
Хоть смейся, хоть плачь.
Для поднятия духа приведу один сегодняшний комментарий к видео.
Боюсь Игорь Иванычу бы не понравилось из за ненормативной лексики, но вектор в целом правильный!
HarekYarifind 4 minutes ago
F**k the USA, f**k  all USA warmongering murderous puppets. Stop the war, stop genocide of innocent russian and ukrainian civilians by criminal ukrainian regime!
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